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Home Learning

Home Learning Activities


Listen to the Gruffalo’s Child  read by Claire (see email)



Build a Gruffalo den using cushions and blankets.  Once inside, talk about all the animals in the story. Can they remember what they saw and who the Gruffalo’s child met?



Make some Binoculars and try to spot some nature out of the window or could you go for a walk to the park?  Can you see any birds? Encourage your child to record what they have seen,  either by drawing, writing (which can be making their own marks), or  you recording what they say.


Get some card board and plastic packages out of the recycling and build a den for the Gruffalo and his child. 



Make some play dough (see recipe in email) and make a family of Gruffalo’s to live in the cave. (Keep the play dough in a air tight container or a plastic bag. It will keep the busy all week)


Sing some songs and nursery rhymes (see email for some ideas)


Get the play dough out and do some finger gym activities  (see email). If you haven’t made playdough, don’t worry there are lots more ideas for finger gym. 

Read/listen again to the Gruffalo’s child. (children love revisiting stories). The grab some teddies and act out the story. How much can your child recall?

Snuggle down and read your child’s favourite story or choose a story to watch on our watch on our website (see link in email)


Play Kim’s Game (see ideas and how to play in email)


Sort the washing:  Can your child pair the socks? Talk about the colours and patterns. How many pairs have you got?  Compare the size of the socks, can they order the, from largest to smallest?

Sock target: Get some bowls/buckets of different sizes. Use the paired socks and take turns to throw them into the  bowls. Add challenge by keeping a tally of how many times the socks go in. Who gets the most points?


Treasure Hunt! Can you find a pair of socks?  A teddy? Something yellow? Something     beginning with ‘S’, something that rhymes with bat, 3 dolls.  Whatever your child can achieve, remember to challenge them! Then get them to give you instructions.

Design a Garden: Grab some paper and pens and work together to design a growing garden for school. (see email for more details)

Get active: Follow the link on the website to Boogie Beebies. Can you make up your own dance?  Get your child to give you instructions.

Listen to The Tiger who came to Tea. Maybe make toast and butter it. Talk to your child, notice how the bread changes once it is toasted and how the butter melts when toast is hot. 

Look below for some learning ideas your teachers have put together for you. Please send us photos of anything you do at home. We love to see what you are doing.

Monday Set up a shop on the sofa . Give you child a bag and some pretend money. Take it in turns to be the shop keeper. Go on a shape hunt . Which shapes can you see ? How many rectangles did you find ?
Tuesday Play musical statues. How still are you when the music stops ? Help make sandwiches for lunch. Can you butter the bread and cut them in half?
Wednesday Use the timer on a phone to see how quickly you can put your toys away ? Can it be even faster tomorrow ? What can you find that starts with the letter sound b .. how many silly sentences can you make up ?
Thursday Learn a new song .. How about 5 little elephants ( see below ) Its nearly Valentine's Day .. can you make a card for someone you love ?
Friday Use a balloon or a pair of socks to practice throwing and catching Make a lantern for Chinese New Year.


Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year

This week many children all over the world as well as in Birmingham will be celebrating Chinese New Year . 

Watch the Videos below to learn how a family in Manchester prepared and  celebrated. 


Make a lantern at home. 

All you need is  paper scissors and sticky tape. Watch below and Caroline will show you what to do. Why don't you make one ? 


What can you find that starts with b?

How many things can you find that start with b..  Can you find as many things as Caroline ? Can you make up a silly sentence with lots of words starting with b ? 

A challenge for You !


We have a challenge for you

Have a look at the video below and practice putting on your own coat 

Monday Listen to the Three little Pigs Go on a number hunt around your home.
Tuesday Play "I spy " out of your window Play going to nursery with some toys. You get to be the teacher !
Wednesday Sort the clean washing Make lunch together
Thursday Build a house for the pigs. can you blow them down ? Sing some nursery rhymes
Friday Play musical bumps Play the memory game


Listen to The Three Little Pigs




Build houses from different materials and test them

Here is a challenge for you. Build a house from different materials and see how stable it is when you blow it ... just like the Big Bad Wolf !

You could use..... 




Junk from the recyling 

We would love to see your ideas !


Here are 2 new counting activities for you to try at home! 

A great way to help your child deeply understand the value of each number ... hopefully they can do one of the games without even counting... which means they’ve really understood!! Keep the numbers low 1-4 is perfect 🤩

Language development at home


Here are some lovely ideas for developing your childs language .. Why dont you try them out this week! 

Have fun whilst you learn. 


Jack and the Beanstalk .

Look below for some learning ideas your teachers have put together for you. Please send us photos of anything you do at home. We love to see what you are doing.

Here are some suggestions of what you could do each day with your child. Please do not feel under any pressure. This is here to help you .

Play is always the most important way that young children learn. Time playing is never wasted. 

Monday Go and play in the snow . How does it feel . Can you make a snow man ? Can you cut a snow flake using paper and scissors
Tuesday Listen to Jack and the Beanstalk. Answer the questions below. The giant is really tall and so is the beanstalk . On your daily walk notice what is tall and what is short.
Wednesday Make something from a cardboard box ( see below ) Make up a dance. You can be really tall ( like a beanstalk ) or really short like Jack ..or the hen !
Thursday Draw a picture of Jack and the Beanstalk ..can you retell the story ? Throw socks into pots with numbers 1-3 . What is your score. Who got the most? who got the least?
Friday On your daily walk go on a number hunt. Which numbers can you see? Build an obstacle course with cushions. How quickly can you get around it . Can you time yourself ?


When it gets cold outside why dont you make a snow flake. Look below and see Sarah teach you how.  



Watch and listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk together .

Do you know this traditional tale? 

Here are some things to talk about together ... 

What did Jack swap his cow for ? 

What happened to the beans ? 

How do think Jack felt when he saw the beanstalk ? 

I wonder how tall the giant would be if he came to nursery




What can this box be ? 

This week use the recycling and make something new. This activity really helps develop your childs imagination and creativity. 


For more ideas go to the BBC's excellent  Tiny Happy People instagram page 

Making models with the recycling is a fantastic activity . Creative play is great for problem solving and a wonderful opportunity to develop vocabulary. Let your child make the decisions about what to make a how to make it , just be around to support and encourage if they need it . Enjoy .



Making sets of 3 

Can you meet the challenge and make sets of 3 . How many different things can you find to make sets of 3 . See what Caroline found around the nursery.



Home learning

The Gingerbread Man 

Monday Listen to the story of The Gingerbread Man ( see Below) Do some gingerbread man number games ( See Below)
Tuesday Sing the Gingerbread Man Song and run on the spot or around the room Make Silly Soup with things you find at home starting with S ( see below)
Wednesday Make salt dough and roll out a Gingerbread Man .
Thursday Make a den using blankets and pillows
Friday Sing your favourite nursery Rhyme and make up some new action.s Make gingerbread at home with your child ( see recipe below)


Maria will teach you how to cut out and make a gingerbread man to retell the story !


Nusrat reads the story of The Gingerbread Man for you. 



Silly Soup 

Can you make some Silly Soup with things you find around the house starting with S

Why don't you make a den at home?  
Build your own using sheets and pillows. Go inside and tell a story or have a pretend tea party with your toys. 
This is great for children's language and imagination and its loads of fun. 



Sing the Gingerbread Man Song. 

See if you can sing along and run around the room.




Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

Why dont you make some porridge at home , so that your child can eat like The Three Bears ? 

This porrige cost 75p from Aldi.

Porridge is a filling breakfast that will power you through the day. And,  it's a super-cheap  and healthystart to the day.

Time to prepare: 

1 minute 

Time to cook: 

2 minutes 

Serves 1 


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup low-fat milk




  1. 1. Mix rolled oats, water, and milk in a bowl (use a large bowl to prevent spilling over when cooking).
  2. 2. Cook uncovered in the microwave on high power for 1 ½ minutes. Stir.
  3. 3. Cook for another minute. Repeat if necessary until it boils and thickens, and becomes smooth and creamy.

Add your favourite toppings such as sliced banana, sultanas, canned or fresh fruit, chopped dates, or yoghurt.

How many teddies ?

Can you aee how many teddies without counting? This is the basis of good number skills , having a stong sense of  amounts . This skill is called subsitising. 



Test Your memory skills !



We are reading the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Nursery. 

Big Medium sized and Little

Why dont you look around the house and find some things that are big and some things that are small.  If you can find things that are medium sized thats even better! 

Hard and soft 

In the story Golilocks sits on the Bear's chairs .Daddy Bear's chair is hard and mummy Bear's chair is soft . Why dont you look around your home for things that are hard and soft ? 

Maybe an adult could make a basket of things for you to sort , like in the picture below. 

Why dont you user a little bit of left over porridge oats to do some mark making ?

Porridge oats

Pour porridge oats into a tray.

Using your fingers draw lines or circles.

You could write the letters of your name.

Hope you enjoy mark making

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