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Our school ethos and values


At Newtown Nursery School we value all our children and families. We seek to promote equality and diversity through a framework of British values which are defined as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

All adults within the setting share the ethos that:
· Good teaching and learning should promote honesty, truthfulness and kindness.
· The teaching of right and wrong should be dealt with in a sympathetic and understanding way.
· Children develop through play and respond to a happy, friendly and safe environment.
· Children respond to being given time to express their needs and ideas to experiment and consolidate learning.
· Learning is supported by structured routines which encourage independence, confidence and self-esteem.
· Children need opportunities to work as individuals, as one of a small group and to participate in or experience large group activities.
· Children show and receive respect through turn-taking and listening to the views of others.
· Positive relationships and behaviour in children develop through consistent approaches and good modelling by adults and peers.
· Positive reinforcement through support, not blame, helps children to develop a sense of right and wrong whilst caring for themselves and others.
· A child's developing values are embedded in experiences found in early life.

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