UNICEF Article 12

Respect for the views of the child

We listen to children. We do this by observing and interpreting children’s behaviours and through interacting with children. We regularly consult with children to find out their views. We use Talking and Thinking floor-book techniques to capture children’s voices and feelings through speaking, drawing and writing. Our child is a citizen with rights. We aim to support children to learn about rights, learn through rights and learn for rights, in a place where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted.


Examples of children consultation questions

1. What are Rights?

2. What is this place?

3. Who do you see at Nursery?

4. What do you smell at Nursery?

5. What do you touch at Nursery?

6. What do you hear at Nursery?

7. What do you taste at Nursery?

8. What are the names of your friends?

9. What do you like doing at nursery?

10. What don’t you like doing?

11. What do you learn at nursery?

12. Are you safe at Nursery?

13. Do you feel safe?

14. What do you do if you need help at Nursery?

15. Are there rules at Nursery?

16. What is your favourite place at nursery?

17.If you could change anything at Nursery what would it be?


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